Hello. We are sedivention.

The future global market leader for the outpatient interventional treatment of obesity.


01  About us.

Our business: a new innovative therapy for losing weight.

We have developed a medical device for minimally invasive, outpatient interventional treatment to massively reduce obesity.  Simple and without risks and side effects.

Several awards and prizes reflect our innovative approach.

02  Obesity.

According to the WHO, obesity is one of the leading risk factors for mortality with growing incidences. 

About one of five adults worldwide is suffering from this disease.

Obesity already causes more than 400,000 deaths per year in the US alone.

Obesity is rapidly increasing globally: In 2030, 2 billion people will be affected and secondary diseases will cost 4 trillion dollars a year.

03  Our vision.

We help people to lose weight.

We have developed a therapy based on the existing and proven technology of cryo-ablation.

With the help of a minimally invasive cryo-ablation procedure, the gastric trunks of the vagus nerve is deactivated. 

In this way, the feeling of hunger is switched off in the long term and permanently.

04  Our effective therapy: cryo-ablation of the gastric trunks of the vagus nerv.

20 minutes to change your life - outpatient interventional procedure in five steps:

  • cryo-catheter is inserted
  • balloon is positioned in the stomach
  • cryo-ablation of the gastric trunks of the vagus nerv
  • balloon is released
  • catheter is removed

 Benefits of our therapy:

  • outpatient interventional
  • one-time intervention 
  • long-term slimming effect
  • without side effects

05  Contact.

Sedivention GmbH
Hugo-Hofmann-Str. 56
D-82064 Strasslach

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