Sedivention wins 1st prize in BayStartUP Munich business plan competition with new a therapy concept against obesity

Medical device for a minimally invasive, outpatient one-time treatment freezing the "hunger nerve" cuts down costs and complications of obesity therapy


BayStartUp, the Bavarian network for startups, investors and industry, awarded the 1st prize in the 2nd round of the Munich Business Plan Competition to Sedivention, an innovative medtech startup developing a medical device for the treatment of obesity. The award ceremony took place on 24 May 2023 as part of the Startup Demo Night, where more than 70 Bavarian startups presented themselves. 
Dr. med. Ute Nollert, the founder of Sedivention, says: "The business plan competition gives me the opportunity to publicise our groundbreaking new concept and bring it closer to realisation. Many thanks to BayStartUP, the judges and the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy for their great support."



Obesity already causes more than 400,000 deaths per year in the US and is rapidly increasing globally: it will affect 1.5 billion people in 2030 and cost $4 trillion annually. 
However, there is a lack of scalable, affordable and universally accessible treatment. Bariatric surgery, the most effective treatment for obesity, is only performed in 1% of the most severely affected patients due to high barriers. Drug therapies are currently a big topic in the media but are expensive, potentially dangerous and require lifelong therapy. 
"Without a new minimally invasive, sustainable therapy for obesity, health expenditure will explode worldwide and overwhelm poor and low-income countries in particular," says Ute Nollert, MD. 
The causes of obesity are manifold: lack of exercise combined with a high-calorie diet, genetic and psychological factors, lack of sleep and stress. What they all have in common is a regulatory disturbance of the feeling of hunger and satiety, in which the vagus nerve is significantly involved. The feedback between food intake and satiety no longer functions and, as one sufferer put it, a "slavish dependence on food" develops. 

The Sedivention Device

Sedivention develops a cryo-balloon that obliterates the gastric branches of the vagus nerve within minutes from the stomach. The intervention can be performed on an outpatient basis, similar to a gastroscopy. The effectiveness and safety of vagotomy for obesity have been proven by studies. These show a decrease in the feeling of hunger and weight. The method will also have beneficial effects on diabetes, which can be a consequence of obesity. The costs will be significantly lower than those of stomach reduction surgery or drug therapy. 
Sedivention has successfully developed a prototype that has passed initial pre-clinical tests. 
To realise the project, Sedivention is currently intensively looking for further investors. 

About Sedivention

Invasive operations and hospital stays contribute significantly to healthcare costs. At Sedivention, we believe that transforming surgery into procedures without incision, trauma and general anaesthesia is a major medical need. It provides a treatment option for many patients who do not have access to expensive hospital infrastructure. Procedures are mostly performed in outpatient health centres. New interventional devices that enable outpatient treatments are needed to make healthcare less invasive, less costly and more accessible, while improving medical outcomes. We are trying to make this vision a reality. 
Sedivention is headquartered in Strasslach, Bavaria, Germany


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