Devices for therapy and prevention.

Invasive surgeries and hospitalisations are significant contributors to healthcare cost. But much more important patients are sometimes afraid of surgery, because of possible complications and postoperative morbidity in particular pain. The consequences are avoidance and undertreatment of severe conditions leading to suboptimal medical care.

At Sedivention we believe that transformation of surgeries into interventions without the need of incision, trauma, and general anesthesia is a huge medical need. It not only lowers the bar to seek for therapy, reduces costs but most importantly offers therapy to many patients without access to expensive hospital surgery infrastructure. Interventions are mostly performed in ambulatory healthcare centers. 

New interventional devices enabling interventional treatments are needed to make healthcare less invasive, less costly, more accessible while improving medical outcomes. We try to make this vision a reality.   

We are open for collaboration, comments, and critique.

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